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What to Do if Your Vehicle Shakes

At All Tune and Lube we’ve heard just about every customer query and complaint you can imagine. So when someone tells us “my vehicle shakes,” we’re ready.

A problem such as this can have many causes and many solutions. Figuring out the correct way to solve such a problem can take a bit of time but, when an automotive investigation is performed properly, it can often yield results that are sometimes surprisingly quick and inexpensive.

two men checking car underbody

Inexpensive and Efficient Repairs

Whether the cause of a “my vehicle shakes” problem is fast or involved simple or complex, the ASE Certified mechanics of All Tune and Lube are ready and able to handle the full breadth of the repairs needed. We understand that customers naturally tend to be nervous when confronted with a shaking vehicle, and we are here to do what we can to reassure them their vehicle will be safe to drive, and that repairs will be performed in the most efficient and inexpensive manner possible.

Contact Us for Quality Service

At All Tune and Lube, we are active and involved members of our community and we believe that providing quality service is our first responsibility. Whether you come to us complaining “my vehicle shakes” or are concerned about a sudden decrease in your gas mileage, or are worried that you might not pass your next smog check, we are here to deal with any and all automotive concerns.

If you have an automotive concern about something your vehicle is doing, we would love to hear from you. Please call 714-871-4144 or visit our contact page.

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