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What Are Transfer Cases?

Transfer cases bring power to the front and rear axles from the transmission in four-wheel-drive and-all-wheel-drive vehicles. When faulty, transfer cases can make grinding noises while driving. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to diagnose issues with transfer cases if you’re not an experienced mechanic as symptoms often overlap with differential or transmission problems. All Tune and Lube, however, employs only mechanics who are ASE-certified master technicians, which means any of our staff can efficiently root out and solve whatever problem is affecting your vehicle.

two men checking car underbody

Signs of a Faulty Transfer Case

The signs of a faulty transfer case are usually red flags that something is currently wrong with your vehicle. Grinding or squeaking when in motion or strange leaks both can indicate greater issues that will only get more severe. If you notice these things happening, simply tell a mechanic at All Tune and Lube and they’ll get right to work inspecting your vehicle and making the appropriate repairs once diagnosed and given the go ahead.

True Experts in the Community

All Tune and Lube is a AAA-approved auto facility and is garnering rave reviews online, making the team here popular amongst peers and customers. We’re known in our community as true experts in specialty cars, like hybrid vehicles and European makes and many rely on us for our STAR testing and repair services for the California smog test. The high-quality of care and service given on a regular basis by the mechanics here at All Tune and Lube attracts customers from all over Los Angeles and Orange County alike. To see for yourself, visit us at 521 W Imperial Hwy. or give All Tune and Lube a call at 714-871-4144.

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