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Steering System Maintenance

It’s safe to say that a car that lacks a fully functional steering system is not very much good to anyone. Fortunately, the ASE Certified Master Technicians of All Tune and Lube are here to ensure that every part of your car is doing just what it’s supposed to do, whenever it’s supposed to do it. As Northern Orange County’s finest provider of complete maintenance and repair services, you can depend on us to ensure that when you want your go to go left or right, your steering system will actually make your car go left go right. It might sound a bit obvious, but it’s hugely important.

technician working under car

We Provide Outstanding Service

Orange and Los Angeles County residents depend on their vehicles for their lives and livelihoods. All Tune and Lube is a proud member of the community and we believe that doing a good job on our automotive repair and maintenance services is part of our civic responsibility. We provide outstanding service to all makes and models, though we specialize in such iconic European brands as Audi, BMW, Fiat, and Mercedes-Benz.

Whether your car requires service or maintenance work on its steering system, engine, automatic transmission, fuel injection system, air conditioning, tires, or tires, All Tune and Lube is here to help. We are also STAR Certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Automotive Repair (DCA/BAR). That means we can provide both the smog certification and repairs you need to ensure that your car remains legal to own and operate.

Contact Us Today

Please give us a call any time at 714-871-4144 or visit our contact page. Our friendly and highly professional mechanics are looking forward to providing you with the very best in automotive service.

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