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Serpentine Belt Service in Orange County

The serpentine belt is a long, winding innovation that replaced smaller, isolated belts. As such, it drives many systems in your car, including your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning, and sometimes the water pump. Serpentine belt issues can be due to wear and tear of the belt itself or a malfunctioning part that it is connected to (though, sometimes the latter contributes to the belt’s deterioration). For Orange County and Los Angeles residents alike, All Tune and Lube offers reliable and thorough serpentine belt service, no matter where the problem originates.

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Signs You Need Belt Service

It might be difficult to diagnose serpentine belt issues yourself. Until you can make it to All Tune and Lube for a full evaluation, here are some signs that you may need serpentine belt service:

  • Persistent squealing or chirping
  • Strange noise only when the car accelerates or is started in cold temperatures
  • Visible cracks or peeling of the belt
  • Fluid, oil, or coolant on the belt

Visit Our La Habra Auto Repair Facility

Keep in mind that replacing the serpentine belt is not always the last step of the process. A slipping serpentine belt can be caused by other parts of the engine or can damage and erode parts while working erroneously. Luckily, serpentine belt service at All Tune and Lube is thorough and can completely resolve whatever problems are being caused by the faulty part.

All Tune and Lube is an auto repair facility approved by AAA. This means that we’ve been vetted for both our quality of service and overall customer satisfaction. Give us a call at 714-871-4144 to learn more or come visit us at 521 W Imperial Hwy in La Habra.

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