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Full Service Oil Change in La Habra

Full-service oil change appointments from All Tune and Lube are essential if you want your car to continue to run as it always has. Although we’ve become spoiled in the modern era from devices that require no maintenance, your car is not one of them, and regular maintenance is essential. In fact, one of the most important and cost-effective ways to make sure your car runs smoothly is to have a regular full-service oil change appointment. Without a full-service oil change, or for that matter, regular maintenance, your car is liable to have faulty valve timing and the small oil passages will block up, and ultimately cause a performance problem. Because these systems are complex, it can cost as much as $15,000 to replace the engine which could have easily been maintained with regular oil changes.

oil change

Protect Your Vehicle

All Tune and Lube is your one-stop-shop for all sorts of mechanical issues that need to be addressed in your car, including oil changes. We are adept at many issues you may be facing as a driver or any type of domestic or foreign vehicle, and we have diagnosed and fixed many complex issues, all with no hidden fees. We work hard to earn your business, and providing competent oil changes is just one way we earn loyal customers at All Tune and Lube. It’s our goal to protect your vehicle and educate you on why your car may need certain things to make it run smoother.

All Tune Complete Auto Repair

Quality Oil Change & Lube

Change Oil (up to 5 Qts 5w30). Replace oil filter, Lubricate chassis. Free vehicle maintenance inspection. Disposal Fee additional $3.00. Coupon not valid on Sunday.

Expires: 04-30-20
Cannot be combined with other offers

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Simply call All Tune and Lube at 714-871-4144 if you have any concerns about your vehicle, or visit our contact page to fill out our user-friendly form and a member of our staff will return your call shortly.

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