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Fleet Vehicle Repair in La Habra, CA

For fleet vehicle repair, you can do no better than the team at All Tune and Lube. Throughout Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County, we help ensure that the vehicles we service are in the best possible condition by providing expertise in several specialties.

Fleet Auto Shops offer a discounted labor rate to fleet accounts and they offer a better warranty than the one offered to consumers. Fleet accounts are characterized by their maintenance schedule and number of vehicles. That means they have to qualify for a fleet account to receive our program benefits.

fleet of vehicles

Get a Discount on Your Fleet Repairs

If you have 5 vehicles or more we can offer you fleet repair discounts.

  • Direct access to Fleet Team representative.
  • Proactive maintenance, making sure your fleet is ready to work.
  • We provide comprehensive estimates before fleet repair.
  • Our technicians are ASE certified technicians.

In fact, whether you require an oil change, air conditioning service, brake, engine or transmission maintenance or inspection, you’ll find precisely what you need at our established auto service facility.

Highly Sought After Fleet Services

What makes the fleet vehicle repair services at All Tune and Lube so highly sought after?

Simple – we’re company is owned and operated by Hamzeh Shirazi – a trusted professional who brings top-quality to every customer. That’s why we’ve garnered a loyal following throughout the La Habra neighborhood. The dedication to finest fleet vehicle repair and auto service at All Tune and Lube is perhaps best evidenced through our certification as a STAR station – meaning we must meet strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter.

Facilities that operate under the STAR program provide unusually effective testing and repairs that save drivers time and money while producing cleaner, better running vehicles.

Further still, we must submit to periodic performance inspections and monitoring by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. To us, though, the extra effort is well worth it, as the certification serves to provide that extra peace-of-mind to our customers. To see for yourself the difference at All Tune and Lube, feel free to contact us at any time.

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