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30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance

Vehicle manufacturers always provide a list of maintenance items that should be performed at specific mileage or date intervals. These maintenance items, often known as 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance, are critical to ensure you get the longest and most trouble-free life out of your vehicle, particularly as new technology allows cars and trucks to travel further without replacing certain components. When it’s time to undergo scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, you can make sure it’s accomplished correctly and safely with All Tune and Lube.

technician working under car

Top-Quality Repairs

When you take your vehicle in for 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance at All Tune and Lube, you’ll experience top quality repairs at great prices for motorists throughout Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County. At our state-of-the-art facility, our highly trained automotive professionals help ensure that your vehicle is always in the best possible condition. The services performed by our expert team include oil change, air conditioning service, brake maintenance and inspection, tires, fuel injection and combustion chamber cleaning and much more.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Repairs

Thanks to the varied fields of expertise of our specialists, the results of our work are truly comprehensive, ensuring your vehicle is up-to-date with every service suggested by its manufacturer for 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance. At All Tune and Lube, we are proud to be part of the east Los Angeles community – a fact that is apparent through the loyalty we earn with every job we do. You can contact us any time to schedule a meeting with our outstanding team or ask any questions regarding our effective auto service.

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