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Water Pump Replacement from All Tune and Lube

A car water pump is used to ensure the proper flow of coolant through a vehicle’s cooling system. However, a water pump does a lot more than keep an engine cool – it runs your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems. That’s why water pump replacement is so important when the time comes. Fortunately, when a new or replaced water pump is needed, you can always count on the expertise of the team at All Tune and Lube.

water pump

What Is a Water Pump

A water pump is belt-driven and only functions when an engine is running. One notable sign that water pump replacement is necessary is that care will begin overheating because the coolant is not being circulated. The water pump endures constant use inside an engine and allows the engine to endure the intense heat that internal combustion produces.

When your car is running, your water pump endures constant use inside an engine and allows the engine to endure the intense heat that is produced by combustion. When an engine is on, the water pump circulates coolant or antifreeze in the cylinder head and the engine block to cool the engine down. Once the coolant passes through an engine, it’s sent back into the radiator to be cooled before re-entering the engine.

Why Turn to the Experts

When installed correctly, a water pump can last a while, which is why water pump replacement from a truly talented, dedicated automotive team is important. At All Tune and Lube, you’ll find precisely that. In Los Angeles and Orange County, we’re proud to provide our neighbors with the best service possible.

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