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Emission Checks and Repair

In Los Angeles, smog has been a serious issue for a number of years, which is why the city has implemented mandatory emissions checks to force adherence to government standards. In order to maintain appropriate emission levels for your vehicle, it is important to perform regular oil changes whenever necessary and schedule regular inspections. However, in some cases, your vehicle might require emission repair — in these instances, there’s no better option for residents of Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County that All Tune and Lube.

The team at All Tune and Lube consists of true experts in automotive repair and maintenance, including Certified STAR Smog Check testing and emission repair. Not only are our ASE Certified Master Technicians, but our certification as a STAR station, we’re able to issue certificates to cars that have failed emission tests.

Car repair work

We Meet Strict Testing and Performance Standards

In California, vehicles that fail smog testing are designated as “gross polluters” by the state – vehicles that suffer from deterioration, major system defects or emission control systems that need repair. As a STAR station, All Tune and Lube is required to meet strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter, including submitting to periodic performance inspections and monitoring by the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Owned and operated by Hamzeh Shirazi, our team is proud to provide emission repair to our neighborhood in East Los Angeles, as well as various other automotive maintenance needs. Simply put, if you’re looking for service with a truly personal touch, look no further than All Tune and Lube.

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