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Drivetrain Service & Repair in La Habra

An automobile’s drivetrain essentially supplies power to the wheels from the transmission or transaxle, regulating the speed of the wheels as the vehicle turns. It consists of all the units joined and working together in a vehicle to make it move. Since a drivetrain runs from the transmission to the axles, a malfunctioning drivetrain is a serious issue that is often apparent during daily driving. Issues such as hard vibrations during gear shifts mean that a vehicle might be deteriorating, and will require drive train service repair.

At All Tune and Lube, customers can look forward to drivetrain service/repair that will have them back on the road and driving smoothly and safely as soon as possible. Our ASE certified master technicians understand that utilizing clear fluid during drivetrain service/repair will keep the gears from wearing and also helping to regulate the gear temperature. Clean fluid will also lubricate the gears, making for smoother operation.

two men checking car underbody

Visit Our State-of-the-Art Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility in East Los Angeles allows our highly trained automotive professionals to ensure that every vehicle is in the best possible condition and working as well as the day when you first bought it. We understand that when it comes to your vehicle – and the passengers who ride within it – there is no excuse for service that ensures safety, reliability, and effective driving. If you have a drivetrain issue, or you’re in need of any number of vehicle maintenance needs, including oil change, brake and tire maintenance and much more, you can do no better than All Tune and Lube.

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