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Family owned business and they provided one of the quickest and easiest service of a smog check ever for me. In and out under 10 minutes, super friendly as well! Would definitely recommend!

Steven D.

Super professional spot. Let's start with that.
They're up to date with all their permits and are registered with several different agencies as an "Approved Repair Shop". I came here because my CarMax insurance said this was good and my husband and I had already been here for Oil Changes.
They are quick to address your car, find the problem, talk to you about it, and go over your options. They aren't rude or unprofessional about your hesitation either.
They're record keeping is organized and their wait room is comfortable and cool (in the Summer) for the long waits. 7-Eleven is next door if you choose to wait outside instead.
Prices, well, I won't comment on the prices only because I'm not familiar enough with Auto Repair Industry to compare and decide whether or not these are "fair" prices. But, I will say the Oil Change is about the same as the competitors, this place just has better customer service and are more professional to work with.

Erykah Q.

Always polite, friendly and professional! Fair pricing, honest, timely repairs. What else can you ask for. Also they have great discount coupons online. I've been there a couple times now and the same experience each time. check them out!

Debra C.

Fantastic shop. I went here for 2 years for my BMW X3. These guys were honest with me and charged fair rates.
Highly recommend.

Tyler M.

I have been bringing all my family cars to this facility for past 2 years and always experienced good result and service.

Danny F.

I've come here twice now and both times the staff has been incredibly helpful and always friendly. The first time they even offered me a car to get to work while they repaired an oil leak! They go above and beyond with their customer service and standards. Even the bathroom is spotless! I'll never go anywhere else

Delaney R.

Very fair pricing, had a smog check done, in/out. Great people, friendly and Porsche fanatics!

J S.

I like this auto shop because they will educate me about my car's problems and they are less expensive than the dealer. I have two Porsches and I bring them in for regular maintenance. I have enjoyed the experience of getting to know this auto shop.

Azzi S.

Great place to go get your vehicle worked on. I was trying to get my 1998 truck smog and was told by multiple places that my truck was to old for the modern equipment they had. I came here and was told they have all the equipment old and new for the newer cars. I was in and out out there very quickly. Friendly staff and very professional work environment. I will be going back there again for sure.

Anthony L.

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