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Intake Manifold Gasket Replacements

All Tune & Lube specializes in all aspects of engine repairs, rebuilds, and replacements. One of our many services is intake manifold repairs and gasket replacements. Our La Habra auto repair shop is well-equipped to handle your repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. Your entire car relies on many different gaskets to keep everything contained. We’ll go over what your intake manifold is, what it does, and why it’s important to your vehicle.     It’s important to stay on top of your routine maintenance schedule to avoid dangerous and expensive breakdowns. At the first sign of an issue with your car, bring it to our La Habra auto repair shop immediately. Failure to address engine issues in your car can leave you needing a full engine replacement.

What Is an Intake Manifold?

The intake manifold sits on top of your engine. It’s an important part of the combustion process as it helps regulate the three necessary elements for an internal combustion engine to operate: air-fuel mix, spark, and combustion. The intake manifold’s job is to regulate the air coming into the engine so that it is evenly distributed among the cylinders. This ensures even firing and combustion in each cylinder for smooth, controlled acceleration. It also is the first step of the combustion process – introducing air. Finally, the intake manifold helps cool down the cylinders as they work, helping to prevent the engine from overheating. This works via coolant running through the manifold to the cylinder heads, where it is absorbed, reducing the engine temperature.

How Does an Intake Manifold Work?

The process is streamlined and effective to provide air to your engine. First, air from outside travels through the air filter and the throttle body. Upon leaving the throttle body, it enters the intake manifold. It draws air through passageways via a vacuum created from the pistons in the cylinder chambers. As the air leaves, it mixes with the fuel from the fuel injectors and fires into the cylinders.

Intake Manifold Gaskets, Design, and Issues

Gaskets are constructed typically from aluminized steel with a carbon-based rubber compound coating. They seal parts of your engine together. The intake manifold gasket is especially important because it seals the manifold to the engine. Gaskets are made to resist decay from oil, coolants, and heat. However, they’re constantly under significant pressure as the heat from the engine is constantly expanding and contracting the gasket materials. Failing to address these issues can lead to severe consequences that require expensive repairs. A faulty gasket can cause a laundry list of problems for your engine, from leaking oil to shorting spark plugs and more. Bad intake manifold gaskets can also cause different issues. If you notice any of the following symptoms, bring your car into All Tune & Lube for our team of experts to take a look:


Leaking coolant

Engine overheating

Yellow, red, or green liquid leaking from under car

Check Engine Light comes on

Engine running rough or vibrating

Our Tried and Trusted Process

At All Tune & Lube, we specialize in rebuilding, replacing, and repairing all engines. Your intake manifold and gasket are pivotal to your engine running smoothly. We have years of experience and work with the latest technology to bring you the very best in engine repairs. Our team will remove and replace entire intake manifolds and intake manifold gaskets, allowing you to drive smoothly and safely without worry. If your car’s engine is running oddly or you notice liquids leaking from your engine, don’t wait – call us right away to schedule your appointment.

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