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Fuel Injector Repair and Replacement by All Tune and Lube

All Tune and Lube provides complete auto care services in La Habra, CA, including repair and replacement of the fuel injector and fuel pump systems in your vehicle. Proper maintenance of the fuel injection system in your car will keep it running smoothly and improve the fuel efficiency saving you money on gas. As a local, family-owned and -operated automobile repair shop, we take safety as our first priority in providing our customers with the best fuel injector services to keep their cars on the
road. Visit us for removal and replacement of all components related to your fuel delivery system, including fuel injectors, pumps, level sensors, filters, pressure regulators, tanks, and lines.

What’s the Importance of a Fuel Injection System?

The fuel injector in your car works with the fuel pump to ensure proper gas levels reach the engine as you drive your vehicle. It’s a complex system because the injector delivers a specified amount of fuel to your car’s engine at a precise time during acceleration. The fuel injection system regulates the gas flow based on how much pressure you put on the gas pedal, which adds to vehicle safety. Over time, fuel injection systems can clog your engine with dirt, water, and additives, causing your vehicle problems. A failing or dirty fuel injection system will cause engine performance issues, decrease fuel efficiency, and lead to more expensive and more significant repairs if left untreated.

Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector and Fuel Pump

You don’t have to be an expert in car repair or a certified mechanic to recognize when your fuel injection system might need cleaning or repair. It is good practice to familiarize yourself with the signs your car is having trouble getting fuel to the engine. Since the fuel pump and injector are such critical components to your vehicle’s acceleration, the symptoms are easy to spot. You may notice:

Misfiring Engine – When the fuel, oxygen, and spark are not working in the right order, or on time, it will cause your engine to misfire. This might create a strong odor of gas, a start and stop of power, or a very noticeable vibration while you are driving. The engine light will also come on as a last resort to inform the driver.

Hesitation When You Accelerate – When your car doesn’t accelerate as expected, feels like it stumbles, or lacks power when you press down on the gas pedal, you may have a dirty fuel injector.

Engine Stalling – This can happen when you’re sitting at a red light or idling in a parking lot and all of a sudden, your car stalls out and the engine stops running. if one cylinder is not working properly then the car shakes. if it is more than one cylinder then the car will stop.

Engine “Knock” – The term comes from the “knocking” or “pinging” sound that your engine makes caused by uncontrolled burning fuel. this will affect the valves and it could get worse by spreading to the rest of the engine such as bearing, camshaft, crankshaft, and other components.

These are all symptoms of a bad, dirty, or clogged fuel pump and injection system depriving the engine of necessary gas. The fuel injector can also get stuck open. In this case, you may experience sudden acceleration or flooding of your car’s engine with gas. In either case, it’s critical to have the problem diagnosed and repaired by certified auto technicians. The team at All Tune and Lube in La Habra, CA, can accurately and quickly find what is causing your fuel pump or injector issues and provide the necessary system maintenance to get your car’s engine running smoothly again.

Schedule Fuel Injector Service

A failing and untreated fuel injection system will cost you more money on gas and lead to expensive repairs down the road. We are certified to diagnose and perform all kinds of maintenance on the fuel delivery system in your vehicle, including cleaning fuel injectors, performing fuel injector repairs, and completing fuel injection replacements. Contact the fuel injection specialists at All Tune and Lube in La Habra, CA, for fuel delivery maintenance today!