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Professional Crankshaft Sensor Services

Your engine has many moving parts that work together to produce power that propels you where you need to go. As such, many aspects must be maintained and serviced to keep your car reliable. The crankshaft and its relation to the camshaft determine your car’s valve timing, which controls how your valve cylinders operate and create power safely in your engine. If you need a crankshaft replacement, fear not – the team at All Tune & Lube is here to help. Call to schedule your appointment or bring your vehicle into our La Habra auto repair shop today to get started.

What Is a Crankshaft?

The crankshaft is a steel shaft that spans the length of the engine. It converts linear force of your pistons into rotational force. It holds four throws, connected to the bottom of the pistons via connecting rods. All of this helps create rotational energy. It is attached to the engine by bearings connected to the flywheel and the clutch. The flywheel translates the stored rotational energy that then transfers into power. The clutch connects two or more rotating shafts, transferring torque between them at different speeds.

Your crankshaft is one of the most important aspects of your car’s engine. If not taken care of or replaced when broken, it can lead to a full engine rebuild or replacement service. It’s always better to spend money investing in a proper repair now instead of spending twice as much on a more severe service down the road.

Why Would I Need to Replace My Crankshaft?

Replacing your crankshaft is the best solution to a faulty piece. We do not recommend repairing it as it needs to be completely intact with perfect ratios. Your crankshaft is responsible for helping to transfer and provide power to your wheels when you put your foot down. Driving a car with a faulty crankshaft is incredibly dangerous. Additionally, replacing your crankshaft helps you avoid potentially replacing or rebuilding your entire engine. At All Tune & Lube, our crankshaft replacement service includes removing and replacing the engine, replacing rod bearings, main bearings, front crankshaft seal, rear main seal, cleaning oil pan, baffle plate, and oil strainer. We’ll also adjust (where applicable) the fuel mixture, idle speed, and ignition timing.

When Should I Replacement My Crankshaft?

  • Engine vibrations – usually felt in the steering wheel while driving. You may also notice shaking while the car idles.
  • Check Engine Light – your car’s computer can tell us more specifically what the issue is once we run diagnostics on it at our shop.
  • Drop in performance – When you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal, does it hesitate or not respond at all? This can be incredibly dangerous for you and other drivers.
  • Car won’t start or struggles to start – If the crankshaft is damaged, it will be more difficult for your engine to start as usual. This is due to other parts of your engine coming under strain.
  • Car stalling – If your car suddenly stops while driving, you already understand how dangerous this is. Failing to fix this issue immediately can cause your engine to require a full replacement.
  • Misfiring cylinders – The crankshaft position sensor can be faulty, sending the wrong data and causing misfires in your cylinders. This will sound like a choppy and popping noise, and you may notice your engine and exhaust pipes shaking.

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