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Having your car’s air conditioning go out on a hot summer afternoon is enough to ruin your day. Fortunately, you don’t need to tolerate a hot, stuffy vehicle for long. Use this guide to help you find out what might be wrong with your car A/C based on the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Warm Air

If your car A/C blows warm air, a refrigerant leak is likely to blame. Pinpointing the location of the leak can be tricky because it could stem from anywhere, including cracked hoses, loose connections, or within the compressor, condenser, or evaporator. An experienced automotive technician will use a fluorescent leak tracer dye to help find and fix the leak.

Other potential causes for lukewarm air include a blocked or failed condenser or a broken clutch switch. A mechanic can test these components and check for blockages, damage, or failure. Repairing or replacing the affected parts should fix the problem.

No Air at All

If you turn the knobs on your dashboard, but nothing happens, you need a mechanic to help diagnose the problem. Unresponsive air conditioning could be due to a blown fuse, bad relay, damaged blower motor, blocked air intake, or detached belt or hose.

Try replacing the A/C fuse underneath the steering column. If you don’t know how, or changing the fuse doesn’t fix the problem, visit a mechanic for help.

Musty Odor

The noxious smell of mildew coming from your car A/C probably means microbes are growing somewhere in the system. This is most likely to happen in older cars or those that seldom use the air conditioner. Replacing the cabin filter can help, but if that’s not enough, a mechanic can use an antibacterial solution to kill mold, fungi, or bacteria contaminating the system.

Noisy Car A/C

Strange sounds coming from your car are always a cause for concern. Functional air conditioners should run relatively quietly, so if you hear rattling, banging, grinding, squealing, or other odd noises, it’s obvious yours needs a repair. The cause might be as simple as leaves or road debris blocking the unit, or it could indicate the imminent failure of a major component.

Cold Air Suddenly Goes Hot

You’re enjoying the feeling of cool, refreshing air on your face when the A/C suddenly quits working, and the air goes hot. It could be that the expansion valve has become blocked, frozen, or failed altogether. Whatever the case, a certified technician can test the system’s pressure, inspect the expansion valve for malfunctions, and perform the necessary repair.

The experienced mechanics at All Tune and Lube provide affordable, professional car A/C repair in La Habra, CA. We understand that car comfort in Southern California depends on reliable air conditioning, so we’ll take every step necessary to perform the service you need. Come in for an accurate diagnose and speedy repair to get you on your way as fast as possible! Contact us online or by phone at 714-871-4144 to schedule your appointment today.

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