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Too many drivers have experienced the pain that comes with switching between auto repair shops. It’s difficult to know which mechanic you can trust, or how to tell if you’re getting ripped off when you go in for a repair. That’s why RepairPal created a process to identify which shops have committed to delighting their customers with high-quality services and predictable prices.

RepairPal is a leading provider of automotive service and repair, with a nationwide network of certified shops that meet all the necessary requirements. RepairPal’s mission is to give drivers confidence when seeking the maintenance and repairs they need for their car. Great experiences should be possible throughout the vehicle ownership lifecycle, from routine oil changes and smog checks to transmission services and engine overhauls.

What Sets RepairPal Certified Shops Apart?

Becoming RepairPal Certified isn’t easy, and only the best shops make it. To qualify, a shop must pass a rigorous evaluation by RepairPal’s team of auto experts. Several features are scrutinized for quality and excellence, including:

  • Experience and training: Mechanics must be experts, with certification and training to prove they have the expertise and know-how to handle any vehicle repair or maintenance requirement.
  • Customer satisfaction: In-depth surveys ensure the shop delivers on its promises. Excellent customer service must continue year after year for the shop to remain in the RepairPal
  • Tools and parts: The shop must fix cars using first-class equipment and high-quality replacement parts.
  • Pricing: With the simple online estimator available from RepairPal, you get an idea of what the price will be before you bring in your car. All certified shops honor the estimated price range they provide.
  • Warranty coverage: The shop must offer a strong warranty of at least 1 year/12,000 miles on all repair work. Then, RepairPal extends that warranty to every shop in the certified network.

Where are RepairPal Certified Shops Located?

There are over 2,600 shops in the RepairPal Certified Network, making it the largest nationwide trusted network of auto repair shops in the US. Whether you’re in La Habra, CA, or your car breaks down while driving out of state, you’re bound to find a certified shop near you.

Choose All Tune and Lube as Your Trusted RepairPal Certified Shop

All Tune and Lube is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop, with over 20 years of experience serving the community in La Habra, CA. We are dedicated to treating our customers and their cars like family, so you can trust us to get you back on the road without stretching your wallet. For your peace of mind, we offer an excellent 2 year/24,000 mile warranty—double the requirement for RepairPal Certified Shops. Our greatest joy is seeing our customers drive away in safe, reliable vehicles.

No matter what car trouble you’re having, choose All Tune and Lube to fix it up right. Call us today at 714-871-4144 or contact us online to schedule an auto repair at a RepairPal Certified Shop in La Habra, CA.

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