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Is your car having engine trouble? A repair might be possible—or it could be time for an engine rebuild. Here’s why engines are rebuilt and some signs that your car could benefit from this overhaul.

Reasons to Rebuild an Engine

The two primary reasons to schedule an engine rebuild include:

  • Worn bearings: The moving parts of an engine—including the crankshaft, rods, and pistons—are mounted on bearings. Engine oil lubricates the bearings and allows the connected parts to move freely. While built to last many thousands of miles, bearings do wear out eventually. This process could be accelerated if you skip oil changes or drive the car with a low oil level. If left unaddressed, worn bearings could cause disastrous engine failure.
  • Poorly sealing piston rings: The purpose of piston rings is to seal in the expanding gasses caused by burning gasoline in the engine. As the rings wear out, they no longer seal the cylinders adequately, leading to a problem called blow-by. This is when oil pushes past the piston rings and burns with the fuel mixture. Blow-by reduces efficiency, causes the spark plug misfires, and eventually ruins the engine.

What Does an Engine Rebuild Entail?

Here’s what it takes to restore a worn-out engine:

  • The short block, or lower half of the engine, is removed, disassembled, and cleaned.
  • The piston rings, bearings, and even the pistons themselves may be replaced, depending on their condition.
  • The cylinder head and internal surfaces of the cylinders are reconditioned to ensure the new piston rings create a proper seal.
  • The engine is reassembled and reinstalled in the vehicle.

Signs You Need an Engine Rebuild

Here are the most common indications that an engine rebuild is necessary:

  • Chattering or knocking sound: Poorly lubricated or failing engine bearings may start making loud banging noises.
  • Oil consumption: Does the engine oil mysteriously run low? If there isn’t a leak, poorly sealing piston rings could be allowing the oil to burn with the gasoline.
  • Excessive white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe: Blow-by caused by worn piston rings is a common reason for older engines to have excessive smoke in the exhaust. The phenomenon occurs most often when the engine is still cold.
  • Metal shavings in the engine oil: Check for flakes of metal after every oil change. If any are found, this means significant metal-on-metal friction is occurring in the engine. The bearings could be worn dangerously low and must be addressed immediately to avoid total engine failure.

Whether your engine trouble is minor or severe, you can count on All Tune and Lube’s team to provide exceptional service with great value. Our mechanics are ASE Certified Master Technicians, meaning we have the training and experience necessary to rebuild your worn-out engine skillfully. Please contact us at 714-871-4144 to schedule expert engine repair and rebuild in La Habra, CA. Our friendly staff is eager to assist you!

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