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Catalytic Converter
You may remember from high school chemistry that a catalyst is any substance that accelerates a chemical reaction. The catalytic converter forces the harmful emissions listed above to pass through various catalysts. There are two different chemical reactions that happen inside of the catalytic converter:

  1. Reduction: A reduction catalyst breaks down the nitrogen oxide into separate particles of nitrogen and oxygen.
  2. Oxidation: Oxidation catalysts add oxygen to the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide particles which turn them into water and carbon dioxide.
What Is the Result?

The result is what comes out of your car’s tailpipe: a harmless mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, all of which are already in our atmosphere. If your catalytic converter is not working properly, it will not properly change the compounds and the harmful emissions will add to our ongoing smog problem. If your catalytic converter isn’t functioning correctly, your car will let you know using the check engine light. Take your car to a STAR certified smog check and repair center to get it checked and fixed.

None of us would want a failed smog test to be the reason why our car is off the road when we need it the most. Expectedly, you too are concerned about keeping our air here in the county, healthy. But even if you think climate change is exaggerated, this is still not in your control. The government of California has set its standards on the maintenance of air quality.

Regardless of your preferences and opinions on air quality, your car has got to pass the smog test. Otherwise, you’ll be made to keep it off the road and won’t be able to drive it.
So don’t wait any longer. Make preparations for how and where you’ll get your smog test done. Here are some essential tips to guide you in tracking down the best smog test centers in Orange County.

Car repair work

1. What Kind of Inspection Do You Need?

On your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) papers you should indicate what kind of check you need. Your DMV papers should either state smog certification required or smog certification required at a STAR station. The choice of selection could be random or influenced by your vehicle’s smog check history.
If your papers read, ‘smog certification required’ then you can visit any smog station to get your car checked. If it reads ‘smog certification at a STAR station’, then you’ve got to do your check at a STAR Station.

2. STAR Test Only Station vs. STAR Test & Repair Station?

STAR stations are government-certified smog check stations. They are expected to meet higher performance standards. There are two types, and you should be aware of them as you make your decision on where you want to get your car smog checked.
The names of these two centers are STAR Test Only Centers and STAR Test & Repair Stations. The former are concerned only with whether your vehicle passes or fails the smog test while the latter is authorized to perform both STAR smog inspections, as well as repair. Both centers are authorized to certify a vehicle passes the smog test.

3. Ask Around

When a client had a great experience with the center where they do their check, they would be happy to recommend them. So ask friends, families, neighbors or co-workers. Chances are they already know the best (or worst) smog test centers around them.
You can look online too. Do a local query on a search engine or even check popular reviews on third-party review platforms such as Yelp and Google Reviews.

4. Great Customer Service

A good smog check center should focus on delighting its customers. These centers should pay attention to simple details such as getting the smog check done quickly and if they recommend a repair center. They would also pay attention to the convenience of the customers, offering options like online scheduling.

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No doubt, the best smog check station means different things to different people. If the best means quality service, and excellent customer service to you, then STAR certified and affordable smog test center La Habra Auto Repair is the station you have been looking for. Why not book a visit with us today? Our technicians are eager to help your car.

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