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When your car starts having trouble, your mind can go to very dark places, full of expense and worry. If you hear that your transmission has failed, you may be devastated! A new transmission can be costly, and if you’re not ready to replace your car just yet, you may not know what to do. Fortunately, it may be possible to rebuild the transmission. Here are some benefits of doing so:

  • Rebuilding your transmission costs less than buying a new car. A new car either requires a tremendous outlay of cash, or payments that will need to be added into your monthly budget. A new transmission can cost several thousands of dollars, so while rebuilding your transmission isn’t cheap, it’s much less expensive than your other options.
  • A rebuilt transmission can add years to your vehicle’s lifespan. When you’re considering your options after a transmission failure, you might think about buying a used transmission to avoid the cost of a new one. This is a hassle, though, and can take a long time. Then, too, you have no way of knowing whether your used transmission will last, and used transmissions don’t typically come with a worthy warranty. A rebuilt transmission will extend the life of your vehicle, because when the worn parts are replaced, the transmission becomes “good as new”. Another benefit is that when it comes time to trade in your car, you’ll get a higher price for it if the transmission is still in good shape. So, rebuilding a transmission not only saves you money on upfront costs, but it also saves you money on your next car by providing a higher trade-in value.
  • A second warranty guarantees quality. A warranty is great news because it means you’ll get your money’s worth from your rebuilt transmission. You’ll have confidence that if anything goes wrong with the rebuilt transmission, it will be covered by the warranty.
  • It’s quicker than buying a new transmission. When you buy a new transmission, you must order it and wait for it to arrive, which could take a week or so. Once it does arrive, you’ll wait again while it’s being installed. A used transmission takes even longer- you have to locate it before you can buy it. Rebuilding a transmission, on the other hand, only takes a few days. Your car will be up and running in no time, with your new transmission running smoothly.

Need to have your transmission problems diagnosed and repaired? Contact All Tune and Lube in La Habra for a transmission rebuild estimate. At All Tune and Lube, our ASE Certified Master Technicians have the experience and training needed to handle your repairs and maintenance, and we do it without stretching your wallet further than necessary. When there’s a problem with your transmission, you can trust us to get the job done right. Call us today at 714-871-4144 or contact us through our website.

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