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Repair PAL Certified

Finding a repair shop that you can trust with your car has proven to be a hard task. A survey carried out by AAA in 2016 revealed that 2 out of 3 car owners did not trust that car repair shops. If you’re typical, then you can relate to the pain that comes with the recurrent experience of shifting between auto shops. Well, there’s good news: this doesn’t have to be your story, not anymore.

You will agree that the true nature of the challenge here isn’t whether excellent facilities, technicians and repair shops exist. They do! The real headache is how to identify the great ones. Thanks to CarMax and their partnership with Repair pal, that finding an ideal repair shop is now easier than ever.

CarMax, a US used-cars retail company, partnered with RepairPal a nationwide network of trusted repair shops to connect their clients with the best repair shops around the nation. So, what makes this a better option exactly? We’ll answer that. Below are three reasons why you’re better off placing your bet on a CarMax Auto Repair Shop than just any shop;

1. They Have Been Tested for Competence

After all, what you want is a repair shop that will complete your repair correctly, affordably and in a timely fashion. Well, that’s you get with RepairPal certified shops. RepairPal holds the shops they certify to high standards to ensure that those who choose them get value for the money and time spent with them. Looking for an auto repair shop you can trust, chose a Repairpal/Carmax certified shop

2. They Are Spread Around the Country

The RepairPal network lists over 1600 auto repair shops strategically distributed across the USA. So, whether you’re in La Habra, or somewhere else across the country, you can be sure there’s a repair shop near you eager to help put your vehicle back in top working condition.

3. You Can Get an Estimate Online

Isn’t it great that before you even set foot out your house, using a simple online price estimator, you already have a decent estimate of how much your repair would cost? Keep in mind that for Repair Pal certified shops, estimates are estimates! They do what they can to keep your actual spend close to the estimated price. Of course, they do this without comprising on quality.

4. You Will Likely Save More Money

This one is a no brainer; one a quality repair is less costly than two mediocre or poor repairs. You too already knew this right?
In the spirit of saving the best for the last, you’ll be happy to know that All Lube and Tune La Habra Auto Repair is a certified Carmax Auto Repair Shop in La Habra, CA. We’d rather not blow our horns but permit us as we share a list of perks that come with choosing us as your plug for automobile repairs.

Repair man repairing a car

We offer a 2 years/24,000-mile warranty on all jobs. In other words, with us, your risk is down to zero.
For CarMax customers, our Carmax Warranty Auto Repair Shop in La Habra, CA always honors extended warranty to approve jobs and gather any deductible information.
We have an array of delighted customers from Carmax, and we are an approved RepairPal shop.

Okay, let a pause on it. With all this said, wouldn’t you instead choose All Lube and Tune La Habra Auto Repair?

The decision on your choice of a repair shop is a gut decision. We trust you consider the facts and make a decision your car will thank you for.

Engine oil is responsible for the smooth moving of a lot of engine parts. It lubricates and protects the engine and its vital parts from damage. Over time, oil gets dirty, loses its viscosity and becomes much less effective as a lubricant. Eventually, debris in the engine will build up and reduce the efficiency and life span of your engine.

By keeping up with the manufacturer’s recommended routine for the oil (and oil filter) change, you’d be protecting your vehicle’s engine from damage. From the ongoing, you see that periodic oil change is one of the essential routines in the maintenance of your car’s engine.

We’re making a point here; don’t trivialize the need for an oil change. Engine replacement is quite expensive. The cost of an oil change is too little and its benefit so huge that you don’t want it to be the reason why you lose your engine. Now, let’s discuss how to identify the best oil change shops in La Habra, CA.

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