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All Tune and Lube Making Cars Last Forever

The All Tune and Lube team get the most pleasure out of seeing our customers drive away. That’s our whole mission, to see you drive away. We understand that you have families, jobs, and errands to tend to, so our job is to make sure your plans are never interrupted by automotive malfunctions. We’re a family-owned and operated repair shop, and we’ve been providing repairs and maintenance to the La Habra area for over 20 years. Once we take on your repairs and maintenance you become a part of our family of customers. That’s how we treat you and your car–like family. Our priority is your safety above all else, then we take your budget into account. We want to get you back on the road, but we don’t want to stretch your wallets further than necessary. Our ASE Certified Master Technicians have all the experience and training necessary to handle any of your automotive repairs and maintenance. All Tune and Lube’s services are not just about today, but also the future condition of your vehicle.

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We’ll Save You Time and Money

We know your car can’t last forever, but there’s no harm in trying, right? Much of our business comes from fixing the messes that other less experienced shops have caused. These are prime examples of ways we save you time and money. Don’t make the same mistake so many drivers have made by trusting their vehicle to an inexperienced shop. Even with our expertise, we offer you an excellent 2 Year/24,000 mile warranty, because we have the utmost confidence in our repairs. We don’t want to thank our competitors for their sloppy services, we’re just happy when their former customers find their way home–All Tune and Lube.

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