Ways to Save at the Pump

Did you ever wonder why gas prices often soar in the summertime? Believe it or not, many gas companies switch to a summertime fuel blend in the warmer months, which is more expensive to produce. Here are a few tips to consider to help avoid increased gas costs as we work our way through the season!

1.) See if any local stores offer a gasoline rewards program. Many bulk supply and grocery store chains offer points for purchases, which can be redeemed for gasoline discounts when you fill up at their stations. Better yet – share this card with friends or family members who may not be interested in the rewards program. Doing so can boost your redeemable credits extra fast!

2.) Download an app. There are several apps on the market that will display gasoline prices at different locations. GasBuddy is one of the more popular apps, and AAA TripTik is another one worth trying out.

3.) Look for discounted gas cards. There are sites where you can buy gift cards with a value that’s greater than the purchase value.

4.) Accelerate at a reasonable rate. You’ll burn far more fuel by accelerating rapidly than you would at a normal acceleration rate. Additionally, excessive speeds on the freeways will burn more fuel than a steady speed in the range of 55-60MPH.

5.) Keep your tires properly inflated. Your vehicle becomes less efficient when your tires are underinflated, causing you to burn more gasoline than normal.

6.) Keeping a clean air filter is another way to improve gas mileage – by as much as 7%! Unsure if your air filter needs cleaning? Bring your vehicle by for a quick check, or ask us to take a look next time we’re under the hood.

7.) Lighten your load. Very simply put; lugging around extra weight requires more fuel.

8.) Lastly – get some fresh air! Do you need to head to the grocery store for a couple quick items? If it’s nearby, take a walk or dust off your bike. Your wallet AND your heart will thank you!

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