Tune-Up Service

If you’ve noticed that your car is lacking in power and efficiency that it once had, it may be time for an engine tune-up service. La Habra All Tune and Lube provides this relevant service, so the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system all work together cohesively, which in turn will save you money at the gas pump – in fact, you may save as much as 4 percent (16 cents per gallon!). You can tell if your vehicle needs a tune up by checking the owner’s manual, since tune up intervals are different for every car.

During the typical tune-up service, we will:

  • Replace spark plugs, or other components such as oxygen sensors
  • Analyze emissions levels
  • Perform computerized engine analysis
  • Evaluate computer components
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Perform visual vehicle maintenance inspection

A tune-up service by La Habra All Tune and Lube: Total Car Care ensures that your vehicle meets or exceeds manufacturer standards, all based on your manufacturer’s recommendations or as needed based on industry standards. We also recommend you consider a car tune up service when you notice your gas mileage has decreased, your power has decreased, the engine stalls, or your check engine light remains on.

All Tune and Lube recommends you take your car, a family owned- and operated business. Our certified technicians happily do any job to get your car back in working order. Obviously it’s necessary to have a properly running engine to ensure your car is running at its best, so call All Tune and Lube La Habra at 714-871-4144 today if you have any concerns about your vehicle.