Throttle Body Cable

A throttle body allows varying amounts of air into a vehicle’s engine. A throttle body cable is attached from the gas pedal and from the transmission. When the driver presses down on the gas hard enough and quickly enough, the kickdown cable is pulled tight and tells the transmission to downshift.

Because it is so integral to the performance of a vehicle, a throttle body cable should be inspected regularly, and replaced or repaired by a skilled auto expert when necessary. At La Habra All Tune and Lube, our ASE Certified Master Technicians handle a variety of maintenance, diagnostic and rebuilding tasks, including oil change, brake and engine inspection, and much more. That’s why we’re commonly trusted by individuals throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties when they’re having issues with a throttle body cable.

When a throttle body is dirty or malfunctioning, it can create serious performance issues for your vehicle. For instance, if your accelerator is stiff when you start to push it, or your engine stumbles or shudders, you may have an issue with your throttle body. At our state-of-the-art facility at La Habra All Tune and Lube, we work to ensure that your vehicle will perform as well as the first day you bought it. We know to inspect every aspect of your throttle body, from sensors and o-rings to any other part that might become damaged with use. Whether you’re in need of replacement cables for your throttle body or any number of maintenance issues, you can trust our firs-rate team.