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Taking Care of Your Car as if it Was Our Own

Sometimes you need an expert, and nothing less will do. Whether you’re having open heart surgery, fleeing a burning building, flying cross country, or getting your transmission rebuilt, you hope they don’t send an intern to do the job. Our high standards for professionalism and automotive excellence put us in a league of our own. You can call us a “Dream Team” if you like. You wouldn’t be the first, and you won’t be the last. But we’d first like to call you a “friend.” When you’re having trouble with your transmission, engine, or fuel pump, who do you call first? You probably call a friend, at least for a ride. Well, what if you had a friend who knew how to fix ANY problem you were having with your vehicle and could pick you up? We’re highly-trained, and experienced enough to handle any of your repair needs–we’re your friendly experts. Everything you need in one easy step – Call Us Today! 714- 871- 4144

Transmission repairs and rebuilds can be tricky, for some auto repair shops. You may have already experienced what a lack of automotive knowledge can do to the quality of service you receive. This can actually cost you a lot of time and money. At All Tune and Lube, we provide timely and effective maintenance that eliminates the need for those expensive repairs. We specialize in keeping cars running efficiently, and off of the garage lift for repairs. Whenever you do need our expertise, that’s exactly what we’ve been training and waiting for. You can count on us to save the day, or at least save your car. Our list of services is extensive, and our answer to our customers is always “Yes, we can!”. Can we rebuild transmissions? Can we service your drivetrain? Can we perform clutch installations? Can we perform wheel alignments? Can we make all of your vehicle repairs and maintenance affordable and convenient for you? . . . you already know the answer. Visit All Tune and Lube La Habra today, for all of your automotive service and repair needs!

Our full line of services include: