Light Bulb Replacement

Automotive light bulb replacement is important not just so you don’t get pulled over by a policeman, but to ensure the safety of operating your car. These light bulbs will help you maintain maximize visibility while driving, and you should especially ensure that your headlight bulbs are always in proper working condition. Replacing these lights at La Habra All Tune & Lube is easy, and often takes less than 15 minutes. Our skilled mechanics can identify the type of light bulb replacement your vehicle needs, whether it’s a sealed beam or composite headlamp, or another light bulb for your car’s taillights.

Although you may opt to change your vehicle headlights or taillights on your own, it’s advisable to hire a professional so it’s done right. You’ll also save time if you entrust the procedure to one of our mechanics rather than fiddling with the car manual before trying to do it yourself. During light bulb replacement, an All Tune & Lube mechanic will open the hood of your vehicle to locate the back of your headlight, which will typically have a small wire harness protruding at the engine bay.

All Tune and Lube La Habra wants to make sure your automotive lighting is running properly, and to that end, we provide an array of replacement bulbs and lamps to fit almost any vehicle make and model. If you are in need of light bulb replacement for your car, come to La Habra All Tune and Lube for a quick, easy fix that will keep you safe on the road.