Hybrid Voltage Inverters

At La Habra All Tune and Lube, you’ll find top quality repairs, at great prices. Our mechanics are ASE Certified Master Technicians, and we provide oil change, air conditioning, brake, engine and automatic transmission service, among many other services. That’s why we’re commonly requested to provide services and repair to mechanical components such as hybrid voltage inverters.

Hybrid voltage inverters are electrical devices that convert electricity that is derived from a direct current source to alternating current. While the electrical theories behind these inverters are fairly simple, they still require the precision of true professionals to be repaired effectively. At our state-of-the-art facility, our highly trained automotive professionals ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible condition – working as well as the day you purchased it.

In many cases, enormous amounts of heat are emitted by hybrid voltage inverters. That’s why it is important that adequate cooling and ventilation be provided for any vehicle’s hybrid voltage inverter. Our expert mechanics will handle your vehicle with the highest caliber service, and we’ll make sure that your hybrid voltage inverter is provided with the proper climate and environment necessary to run effectively.

Throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, we’re widely regarded as a dedicated neighborhood auto mechanic. Further still, as a STAR station, we’re committed to meeting strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter, and submit to periodic performance inspections and monitoring by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. While STAR certification is challenging to acquire, the effective testing and repairs that a STAR certification entails – which to, us, makes the extra effort entirely worthwhile.