Fuel Filter

An effective fuel filter helps your engine run smoothly, as it removes fuel varnish buildup, intake valve deposits and reduces cylinder head deposits. All Tune & Lube La Habra helps motorists get the most out of their cars with fuel filter service, so your engine performance goes well and your fuel is as clean as possible. Our team of mechanics can make sure that your fuel filter is clean and unclogged and your engine’s performance is optimal.

One way to know if your fuel filter should be replaced is if your car hesitates, stalls or lags when you push the accelerator. This isn’t necessarily an alarming problem, though, because vehicles need occasional fuel filter replacements as a part of regular car maintenance, just like full service oil changes. All Tune and Lube La Habra recommends that you replace your fuel filter, particularly if you have a lot of miles on your vehicle or if you drive on unpaved roads frequently. Even if your car has a supposed lifetime filter, you’ll still need to replace it at least every 30,000 miles.

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