Cooling System Flush

Most drivers know that anti-freeze is an important component for maintaining the health of their car’s engine system. It keeps it cool, which makes sure that it runs at peak operating efficiency. However, there’s more to maintaining the coolant system than adding anti-freeze at regular intervals. This is where La Habra All Tune and Lube’s expert mechanics can help.

A cooling system flush clears out the old anti-freeze in the vehicle. Then, it cleans out built up contaminants from the cooling system and protects it from future wear and tear. Finally, All Tube and Lube’s Cooling System Flush will add fresh anti-freeze to the system, a vital step toward maintaining your car. In fact, an inefficient cooling system can affect more than just the engine; it can create rusting and corrosion and damage the radiator and water pump. All Tune and Lube can get yours in the best shape possible!

Why All Tune and Lube?

All of our mechanics here are ASE Certified Master Technicians, which is only given to those with years of experience who have passed a rigorous knowledge test. This makes everybody on the All Tune and Lube team true authorities in the field. They’re efficient and thorough, making your cooling system flush as painless as it can be. Plus, we maintain a large selection of anti-freeze options, guaranteeing that your flush is appropriate for your vehicle’s make and age.

Another critical component for having All Tune and Lube perform your cooling system flush is that we properly dispose of the old anti-freeze liquid. Used anti-freeze is incredibly hazardous for the environment and we make sure to get it to the right people who will recycle it in accordance with the law.

Swing by All Tune and Lube in La Habra to learn more about getting your cooling system in pristine condition. We’re located at 521 W Imperial Hwy and you can reach us at 714-871-4144.