Car Air Conditioning Repair Fullerton

There’s no getting around it, it gets hot here in Southern California; when you need the kind of car air conditioning repair Fullerton and La Habra area residents often require, you can’t afford to mess around. La Habra All Tune and Lube is the gold standard for auto repair, suspension repair, brake maintenance, transmission repair, engine repair, and car maintenance and repair in Orange County. Drivers can depend on us for the very best car AC repair Fullerton residents are likely to find.

For starters, every one of our mechanics is an ASE Certified Master Technician. This means they are certified by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to be the very highest calibre of automotive service professional. Our mechanics understand the ins-and-outs of air conditioners and will ensure that your vehicle will be an oasis of cool comfort even on the hottest day of the summer.

Our approach to the kind of car AC repair Fullerton and Orange County residents expect includes an outstanding air condition recharge service package. The package includes pressure testing and checking for leaks, testing cooling temperature and visual inspection (hoses, pulleys, drive belts), and evacuating Freon after any leaks are repaired.

La Habra All Tune and Lube knows that you have many options when it comes to dealing with a car air conditioning repair. Fullerton and Orange County is full of options for vehicle service, but our commitment to providing reliable, high quality service is unparalleled. We are simply the best when air condition absolutely has to be taken care of.

Especially during the summer months, air conditioning is no luxury – it’s essential. We make sure our air conditioner is fixed in record time and stays that way.

California Smog Check and Other Services

Anyone who’s driven in California knows that owning a car can sometimes feel like a major commitment. Aside from all the usual auto maintenance, cars six years or older must be pass the biannual California smog check. La Habra All Tune and Lube is a member of the STAR program created by the Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Automotive Repair. This means we can issue certification to cars that have previously failed checks, perform repairs subsidized by the state of California, and many other services which can make us a vastly more convenient choice when compared to our competition. Budget conscious drivers will also be happy to know we regularly offer smog check coupons online which offer some truly substantial savings.

La Habra All Tune and Lube also provides a full range of repair and maintenance service, including oil change, engine maintenance, automatic transmission service, and much more. For further information call 714-907-4029 or visit our contact page.