What is a Catalytic Converter?

It is no secret that because California has highest levels of smog in the country, we also have strictest car emissions regulations. Your car’s catalytic converter plays an important part in reducing the amount of air pollution both here in SoCal and around the world. What is Smog? When you are driving, your there are

4 Intriguing Car Tech Innovations

Ever since we’ve entered the 21st Century, car manufacturers, car dealers, and auto enthusiasts have been excited about all the innovations that engineers are bringing to market. Some of the inventions may seem long overdue, and others may seem way ahead of their time. The following are just five of the most intriguing car tech

Ways to Save at the Pump

Did you ever wonder why gas prices often soar in the summertime? Believe it or not, many gas companies switch to a summertime fuel blend in the warmer months, which is more expensive to produce. Here are a few tips to consider to help avoid increased gas costs as we work our way through the

5 Steps To Prepare For Your Cross Country Trip

For some people a cross-country road trip may be on their bucket list. There’s no better way to see the United States, than by driving. This summer, you may want to see the east coast on a vacation. Why not see the rest of the country while you’re at it, during a road trip? Here