5 Steps To Prepare For Your Cross Country Trip

For some people a cross-country road trip may be on their bucket list. There’s no better way to see the United States, than by driving. This summer, you may want to see the east coast on a vacation. Why not see the rest of the country while you’re at it, during a road trip? Here are 5 Steps To Prepare For Your Cross Country Road Trip.

Map Out Your Itinerary

The key phrase for any cross country road trip is to plan ahead. It can be fun to have a little spontaneity for any activity, but when you have a destination on the other side of the country, time is of the essence. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your journey, and take your time. It just means that 3,000 miles leaves you a lot of time to get lost or off schedule. So just map it out, to see if which route truly is the best use of your time, and offers the best sights.

Make Lodging Arrangements in Advance

Decide on your sleeping arrangements, maybe the most important decision. This can be decided by which vehicle you decide to travel in. An RV, van, or car can all make for places to sleep if you choose. But if you’d like to spring for a hotel, don’t wait until you get tired to choose a hotel. There’s no telling if there will be vacancies at hotel that’s a last minute decision. Hotel reservation are also a good way to keep you on schedule throughout.

Research Attractions You Want To See

There are SO many sights to see on your cross country journey, no matter which route you choose. Plan ahead to decide what the must-see destinations are, and make sure you don’t let new discoveries distract you. Once again, spontaneity is good, but one should not be floating aimlessly across the country. Instead, you should be moving with purpose, and that means intentionally seeing certain places, and avoiding others. Travelers who don’t make these decisions ahead of time can turn days into weeks.

Make a Budget and Stick To It

When you make a budget for your trip, be realistic with yourself. Don’t try to pinch pennies, and don’t act like you have a endless supply of funds. Neither one will make your journey that enjoyable. Separate your budget into categories and try not to mix or borrow funds from each other. For instance, gas, food, lodging, entertainment should have their own individual budgets, and none of them should be overspent or underspent.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Your vehicle needs to be serviced above all else. The single most important step before setting off on a cross country trip is getting you car a full inspection and tune-up. Don’t forget that in the midst of a journey that long, many things may go bad, like brake pads, or tires. So make sure that even those things that are fine when you start, a serviced and prepared for an extended journey.

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