4 Intriguing Car Tech Innovations

Ever since we’ve entered the 21st Century, car manufacturers, car dealers, and auto enthusiasts have been excited about all the innovations that engineers are bringing to market. Some of the inventions may seem long overdue, and others may seem way ahead of their time. The following are just five of the most intriguing car tech innovations.

BMW’s Remote Valet Parking Assistant

This smartwatch app allows you to call your vehicle to come to you, just like a valet would. When you park your car in a parking lot or parking garage, your BMW takes note of exactly where it is located. At the time of your departure, your BMW is able to use laser technology to avoid other vehicles and obstacles on its way to pick you up. This invention is already on our radar and will be a custom feature before we know it.

Mercedes-Benz’s Face-to-Face Seating

Think about it. You’re driving and you no longer need to look in the rear view mirror to speak to your backseat passengers. Instead, you can spin your driver’s seat 180 degrees to look them directly in the eye. Who’s driving? Well, this is a concept vehicle that features a Mercedes that is driving autonomously. This is definitely a peek into the future, but with self-parking vehicles being so common, this is sure to be right around the corner.

Hyundai’s Driver Assistance Display Technology

There have been many advancements in the digital display technology on vehicle dashboards. You can have your vehicle’s vital information listed on your windshield. Drivers will be able to take advantage of the environmental info that once was not possible. We normally depend on road signs to let us know the speed limits and the expected weather conditions. As of now, we guesstimate how much longer we have before a light turns red.

Fiat Chrysler’s Vehicle Finder

How many of us have forgotten where we parked, and been forced to wander around searching for our vehicles? The parking lot signs and the car horn buttons on our key fobs are often no help. Well, Fiat Chrysler has a smartphone UConnect Access app that locates your car and gives you detailed directions to retrieve your vehicle.

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